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jon: busy two hours. golf perry told you texas won't buy into the medicaid expansion. jenna: won't do it. jon: the guy followed by the shark in cape cod. jenna: busy day. [laughter] "america live" starts right now. megyn: fox news alert on a telling new poll that shows americans believe president obama has changed this country as he campaigned and promised that he would to back in -- would do back in 2008, but not as many had hoped. welcome to "america live," i'm megyn kelly. a new polling question is shaking up the campaign today. first, the hill asked people if they believed the president has changed the country. 68% said, yes, he has. and when they were asked how, the results not good news. 56% of voters believe that during the first three years of the obama administration the president has changed america in a negative way, for the worse. 35% believe the country has changed for the better. one in five democrats believes the president has changed the country for the worse. chris stirewalt is our fox news digital politics editor and host of "power play" on so there
from our l.a. bureau. >> reporter: it happened near brownsville, texas, and remember, the rio grande is often dry, so it really is just a concrete culvert with no praise to hide for the agents. the border patrol is acknowledging, in fact, that two agents fired into mexico, one because he was being pelted with rocks, the other because a gun was being pointed at him. now, the border patrol says it has no knowledge of anyone being hit on the mexican side, but mexican authorities say a teenager was shot and killed. remember this? this is the incident back in 2010 where a border patrol agent who was on a bicycle shot and killed a 15-year-old because the 15-year-old and other teens were throwing rocks at two border patrol officers. that clearly caused some big time tension between the u.s. and mexico, so much so that a day later -- remember this? -- the mexican federales lining up on the other side of the border, and the border patrol on our side with shields. it was almost like a showdown. the mexican government believes the border patrol is using excessive force. but to remind you, the b
... ♪ rocky mountain high ♪ rocky, rocky mountain high ♪ ♪ all my exes live in texas born on the bayou [ female announcer ] the perfect song for everywhere can be downloaded almost anywhere. ♪ i'm back, back in the new york groove ♪ [ male announcer ] the nation's largest 4g network. covering 2,000 more 4g cities and towns than verin. rethink possible. megyn: breaking news today in the divorce between katie holmes and tom cruise. holmes' attorney releasing a statement denying report that is the actress wants an emergency hearing on custody and child support. meantime, we are getting new and fascinating insight today into the minds of the former hollywood couple. while cruise says he was blindsided by the divorce filing, holmes may have hinted about the split six weeks before filing for divorce in an interview with elle magazine. when asked about her husband, she said, quote: he's been tom cruise for 30 years meaning, you know, the tom cruise, and i know who i am and where i am and where i want to go, so i want to focus now on that. dr. keith ablow's a psychiatrist and member of the
governor romney will be in texas for the meeting of the 103rd annual nwacp national convention. while the president focuses on the tax fight today his campaign team hits governor romney on the issue of investing in companies that outsourced jobs, meaning sent them overseas. today, however, the republican national committee is hitting back calling out president obama on what they say is the president's own stained record when it comes to outsourcing. the rnc launching a new website accusing president obama of using money from the 2009 stimulus package to fund foreign projects, including building solar panels in mexico, windmills in denmark and batteries in south korea. the obama team vehemently denies those allegations saying the administration has always fought to end tax breaks for companies that shipped jobs overseas. in chicago new questions today about the political leadership of that city's mayor, the man who was the former white house chief of staff. rob emanuel. murders and gang activity are up drastically in recent months. one of the the most recent victims a seven-year-old gi
in texas, idaho, montana and california are not in high-priority areas. some critics fear the move will seriously jeopardize efforts to fight drug cartels and illegal immigration. ted poe joins us from capitol hill. congressman, thank you for being back to the program. the obama administration says we are hitting cities in texas like lubbock and amarillo and dallas -- they are not border towns, we have to allocate unlimited limited resources, and we are going to move our resources closer to the southern border. what's wrong with that? >> we need more resources on the border. we need national guard and border patrol and enforcement, but we also need other enforcement. because when the drug cartel, the human traffickers get across the border, there ought to be -- some of them, in west texas, where they are able to come across the traffickers they get across the first line of defense. we need to balance the approach and we need to put all the resources on the border. megyn: given the position of the obama administration, we don't want your help in enforcing immigration laws, once you
, texas, 40 miles north of the mexican border a well-known drug smuggling corridor. i.c.e agent was conducting an investigation. he was driving off-road in an suv in very tall brush when he was shot two times through the window of his unmarked suv he was struck twice. as you said, taken to the hospital. he is undergoing surgery right now. we're told he is expected to survive. there as you can see are dozens of law enforcement agents on scene. state, local and federal. the fbi is heading up the case because this was a federal agent who was shot. they are now looking for suspects. they believe there were at least one, maybe two shooters involved in this. they have now recovered some shell casings. we're getting word aside from the crime scene you're looking at right here, there is apparently another crime scene on the other side of town that may or may not be related to this shooting of a federal officer. again, this is just coming into us, megyn. as we get more on the shooting and the suspects we will break in and give that to you. megyn: back to you as you have more. trace, than
. megyn: a new space race with florida, texas, and puerto rico racing to be on the launch pad with spacex. there is a whole lot at stake for thousands of high-paying jobs on the line. reporter: hello, megyn. it is the dawn of a new space race. a private commercial one. we are talking about the spaceports of the future. >> unlike the cold war space race, this one is between private aerospace and the state line for a big payload of well-paying jobs. spacex is riding high on its historic mission to the space station, now wants a second launch facility. so florida and texas are hit hard by the space shuttle's retirement offering millions of dollars worth of incentives. in florida, that includes the old shuttle launch pad, 39 a. >> right now there is an abundance of infrastructure that is theircommon that is either access or underutilized by either nasa or the air force. >> texas is offering this undeveloped bronzeville site on the mexican border. pointing out its closer proximity to the equator, faster rocket launch, less fuel and cost savings. not just for spacex, but a handful of other spac
followed by littlefield, texas and two cities in rhode island. then there are 22 localities with a junk bond rating from at least one of the ratings firms. >> what they did primarily in the first year or two was to cut the low-hanging fruit. to the extent they could raise fees, charges that would provide additional support they did so. the economy provided a little bit of relief but not a lot. so as the slow economic growth has continued on, they have not been able to grow their way out of the problems here. >> reporter: his firm is a big muni bond investor. he says that 10 cities he's following right now have less than 30 days of cash in the bank. megyn: thank you, sir. new evidence in the trayvon martin murder case. the prosecution releasing critical new documents in their case against george zimmerman including an fbi report on whether race did play a role in this shooting. "kelly's court" takes a look at the evidence and both sides. plus, a deepening mystery in ohio. a mother goes on vacation with her boyfriend and her children. but she is the only one who does not come home. now th
the greater washington, d.c. area. lights are out, utility crews from texas and florida are being brought in to get power back up and running. the heat is difficult. 95 degrees or so. people don't have power or water. things like clean water and ice have become hot commodities. in west virginia we heard reports there might be price gouging going on. but a very difficult time. from living in the washington, d.c. area, occasional snowstorm may shut down d.c. for a couple days, but hot weather storm of this nature crippling power across maryland, d.c. and virginia. a shocking storm, and it's going to take quite a while for people to get back to normal. a lot of these folks have been brought to a nearby shelter. megyn: 232 amtrak passengers glad to be done with their train trip through the storm. the train was first lady new york to chicago when it was forced in a stop in west extrafriday. storms knocked down trees in front and in back of the train. passengers describing conditions on board where they were stuck for an entire day. >> being stuck for 24 hours with nothing to do and total darkn
convention in houston, texas. they said the president could not make it because of scheduling issues. but some have note the public schedule today appears to be empty. the question is whether the president is taking the black vote for granted in this election. reverend, thank you so much for being here. you are there in houston. do you think the president is taking the black vote for granted? >> i think he is. i'm confident he is taking the black vote for granted. megyn: why? >> we have been so catering to the president i think he thinks because we are black we are going to vote for him. megyn: is he on to something in his approval rating among blacks is 96%, 97% which is not the same as it is in the general community. >> i think he's taking us for granted. i think with him announce support for same-sex marriage will change the dynamic. megyn: i know that's a big issue for you. i don't know about the approval ratings. i now it's a big issue for you, the president personally endorsing gay marriage, though he hasn't made that part of his platform for he election. do -- for reelection.
in court to bring you. seriously. this one's a custody battle. meet kiko, a texas woman, and a texas woman who is fighting to keep her. after a mississippi challenged the ownership of kiko the judge did not seem to mind the monkeys in the courtroom. >> i wouldn't want to turn them loose in the courtroom and have them get all excited or frightened and start to run around but in terms of them being properly restrained and in their, certainly not a problem in the courtroom. it was kind of a delight to have them here today. megyn: kiko, by the way is the daughter of the movie star in monkey trouble. as for that woman from mississippi? she failed to show up for court. so kiko remains in the custody of his current owners in texas who went banana when they got sorry. sorry. you know it is friday. the show is almost over. coming up right now, new reason for men to go grocery shopping. this is the so-called man aisle. kind of like man cave market style. it opened up in a new york city store. the entire area stocked in with guy's essentials in one con sent location from water to razors to barbecue s
a trio of doctors. doctor joseph sonnier was found shot and stabbed inside his texas home. police say the gunman was a man known as david shepard. but they say the alleged mastermind behind the whole crime was this man. a well-known plastic surgeon, doctor thomas michael dixon. police say that doctor thomas michael dixon paid david shepard with $9000 worth of silver to do the job. they claim the motive was a woman. doctor joseph sonnier, the victim was apparently dating doctor thomas michael dixon's ex-cop. police say they have never seen anything like it. take a listen to the 911 call from the day the victim was found. >> 911, with emergency? >> i need somebody at this address. somebody is there. somebody broke a window and the doctor has not shown up for work today. there is a bullet, it was laying on the ground. >> wasn't an actual bullet or had already been fired? >> i don't know. someone else went in. i'm not -- i'm not going in there. megyn: joining me now is former prosecutor arthur aidala and former defense attorney joanna spilbor. council arthur aidala come how did they get t
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of the hour president obama will make remarks at a fund-raiser in texas. we are told he's going to start doing more of these speaking events without his teleprompter. senior campaign officials say it is all part of their plan to, quote, up the tempo at campaign events. in the past critics have often mocked the president's use of the tell louisiana prompter, used even in speeches to school children. president obama making a change on the campaign trail. during recent campaign events the president was seen addressing hundreds of people -- wait a minute. this isn't the right script or the right story. standby. why would we be alerting that? where are we going, control room? sometimes we all find out together. tuscaloosa. right now police down in tuscaloosa, alabama, they are making the announcement that we have been awaitin waiting for. the suspect they believe opened fire in a crowded bar they believe is now in custody. we have been covering the story. elizabeth is there right now with the latest. >> reporter: that manhunt is over nearly 12 hours after it began, but witnesses say not before it w
rain refusing to let up in parts of texas with the 7th straight day of downpours flooding streets and homes and knock out power in the greater houston area. some areas got 10 inches within a 24-hour period. >> it's pretty stunning. it's the second time i have seen it this high. we are on an trail. but there is another trail 10 feet below the edge of the water. megyn: forecasters say there will not any relief until tuesday at the earliest. "kelly's court" is back in session. on the docket, the fallout after a 16-year-old girl sitting under a tree with her boyfriend is killed when an out-of-control suv runs her over, driven by an illegal immigrant. two weeks ago the family laid her to rest. she and her family are legal permanent residents on their way to becoming u.s. citizens, a process her mother says will go on despite the horrific circumstances that led to her death. >> her boyfriend got out of the wait and she was laying there. >> there was a girl under the car. so i think it was her boyfriend or someone they helped pull her out under the car. megyn: the driver who lost control
hear about this? first it was texas, south carolina and now pennsylvania. while supporters say that it is necessary to prevent fraud the state's spotless record is not helping their argument. eric shawn is live in new york with more. eric. >> the justice department now investigating pennsylvania's new voter id law. attorney general eric holder has said he wants to protect a right to vote across the nation. but you know some critics have accused him of pursuing these cases for partisan political purposes. he's heated lee denied that. in a letter dated yesterday and sent to the state's acting secretary the justice department is demanding a massive amount of information to determine if the state complies with the federal voting rights act. critics claim more than 750,000 pennsylvania voters do not have photo id, they fear the folks could be barred from the polls in november. the state has announced it will give out photo i ds for free to anybody who wants one. after the recent presidential primary there a phil report found evidence of wrongdoing, voting by nonregistered people, in
Search Results 0 to 26 of about 27 (some duplicates have been removed)